Welcome to pdfconvert.me

pdfconvert.me is a free email service which will take the content of a message and return that content back to the sending email as a PDF attachment. This allows mobile devices to have a “print to PDF” feature in many circumstances.

No sign up is required - just send an email to one of the special pdfconvert addresses:

The special addresses can have “option tokens” which can alter the result in some fashion:

  • noheaders - Supressess any originating email headers from the conversion result
  • dropbox - Uploads the conversion result to Dropbox (if you have linked your account with us)
  • dropbox-only - Only uploads the conversion result to Dropbox (no email will be returned with the attachment)
  • striptags - Removes Evernote-style tags from the subject/filename (# and @)
  • noreplyto - Ignores the Reply-To: header in emails, so as not to send responses back to that address
  • nojs - Do not evaluate javascript on webconvert requests
  • content - For webconvert requests, only return the main text of the body

So for example, sending a .eml attachment to attachconvert-noheaders-dropbox-only@pdfconvert.me would convert the body of the attached email to PDF, removing any email headers and only uploading the resulting PDF to your Dropbox/Apps/pdfconvert.me folder.

Additionally, you can force sending the response to a particular email address with VERP-style encoding in the conversion address, such as:


This would send the resulting PDF back to bma@pdfconvert.me, regardless of the sending address. To combat spam, the first conversion request per target email address will require authorizing pdfconvert.me to send to that address using an activation link.

For more information, please see the documentation.

Our privacy policy can be viewed here.
An open-source version for self-hosting is available on GitHub.

If you have any questions, please contact us.